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About Us

About Us

Soothe Hers® is founded by Sarah O'Brien, a Registered Nurse who aligned her passion with purpose through a holistic approach to wellness and recovery. After the birth of her first child, Sarah was stunned with the lack of resources available to postpartum women. How could it be that in this day and age, women are left to their own devices to navigate the 4th trimester? The notion that a 6-week postpartum appointment is all women need to return to their pre-pregnancy lifestyle is outdated and outrageous.

The truth is, postpartum care and wellness outcomes have consequences that can extend over a lifetime. Access to quality care products is why Sarah started Soothe Hers®; women no longer need to gamble with messy and time-consuming 'DIY' care remedies that don't work. Each product is thoughtfully designed to relieve the common discomforts and grievances new moms face without compromising quality or efficacy.

New moms can rest assured knowing each of our products are formulated with premium quality, sustainable ingredients that make life a little easier in the days and weeks after childbirth. Soothe Hers® is committed to revolutionizing the way women are seen, heard and supported on their journey of motherhood, from the very beginning. 

Our Mission

Improve outcomes for pregnant and postpartum women everywhere.